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Terms & Conditions

Please read the following terms and conditions, which apply to every user of the website. By using this website, you agree to these terms and conditions. The owner of the website reserves the right to change, delete or supplement the information on this website at any time and without prior notice.

1. Scope

The following terms and conditions apply to the use of the website and related services. By agreeing to them, you guarantee that you will not violate the terms and conditions. Subject of is the following:

The website introduces mentors with whom you can book free mentoring sessions. The mentors are women who are engaged in sustainability-related areas and who volunteer to offer mentoring sessions at times of their choice.

2. Services

The use of mentoring sessions via is free of charge. The offer supports women in finding easy access to other women in the field of sustainability and in discussing professional topics with them. The user (the mentee) is free to book mentoring sessions with different mentors. The owner of the website can change, expand, restrict or discontinue the services offered at any time.

3. Use of the services

To become a mentee, the user books a mentoring session with a mentor on The user selects a time slot in the mentor's calendar and books the session. Mentee and mentor agree on how the mentoring session will take place. For this purpose, either online meetings or personal meetings are possible.

4. Right of withdrawal

Both mentees and mentors can cancel booked mentoring sessions at any time or not appear at the booked date. Mentees and mentors have no legal claim to the actual occurrence of booked mentoring sessions.

Mentors can withdraw their participation in the services offered by at any time and without giving reasons. To do so, please contact Your profile with all your personal data and information will be removed from the website as soon as possible.

5. Duration of use of the services

There is no time limit on the use of the services that are currently offered. In addition, the duration of a mentoring session can be determined individually by each mentor in consultation with the mentee. A mentoring session can be terminated by either party at any time and without giving reasons.

6. Privacy

In order to be able to participate in the service program as a mentor, the user sends her data and information, which should be displayed on, to By sending their data and information, each mentor expressly agrees to their publication on

Mentees and mentors receive information and data on other mentees and mentors as part of the mentoring offer. The passing on of this data and information to third parties or their commercial use is prohibited unless the person entitled has given his or her consent. In addition, all users of this website are prohibited from using the personal data and information provided by the mentors for commercial purposes. In case of violations reserves the right to take legal action. Further information about data protection can be found in the privacy policy of this website.

7. Rights of use of data and information

If a user transmits her data and information in order to be displayed as a mentor on, she grants the owner of a transferable, unlimited and irrevocable right of use of this content, also in edited form or excerpts.

If a mentor or mentee creates a contribution as part of's mentoring offer, which they make available for publication on the website or in other electronic, e.g. social media, they also grant a transferable, unlimited and irrevocable right of use of this content. Furthermore the creator of this content is responsible for ensuring that it has the necessary rights to the content.

8. Availability of the website and services

The website has an availability of 24 hours a day. However, it may happen that there are interruptions in availability, for example for technical reasons. In particular, there is no claim to the availability of the services at any time. It can happen that no mentoring sessions can be booked. If an offered service is not available, the owner of is not liable for it.

9. Responsibility and liability

The owner of is not liable for content provided by mentees, mentors or third parties in the context of using the services. She accepts no liability or guarantee for the quality, scope and nature of the mentoring services or the offers of third parties. She is not liable for the correctness and completeness of third-party content and its design and makes no assurances in this context. Furthermore, she accepts no liability or guarantee for the functional capability, accessibility or compatibility with systems and programs.

10. Copyright and performance rights

All content provided by is subject to the German Copyright and Performance Protection Act. Contents of third parties can only be published and marked as such with the consent of Unauthorized use, in particular the duplication, storage, editing or reproduction of content in other electronic media, must be approved in written form by the copyright holder.

11. Changes of the terms and conditions

We reserve the right to make changes to the website and related services - including these Terms and Conditions - at any time. Any use of a mentoring service requires the acceptance of the current terms and conditions. Users are subject to the Terms and Conditions that are in effect at the time they use services. If any of these terms and conditions are held to be invalid, void or for any reason unenforceable, such provision is severable and does not affect the validity or enforceability of any remaining provisions.

12. Other

If a user violates these Terms and Conditions and we take no action, we will still be entitled to exercise our rights on any other occasion in which that user violates these Terms and Conditions.

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